Touch and healing


A variety of massage modalities for healing...


– Henry David Thoreau


uses many techniques for a restful, therapeutic experience. The strokes relax, increase circulation, release tension, and restore energy. Depth is customized for your needs and comfort.

30 min.$40 60 min.$65 75 min.$85 90 min.$105


is the right choice if you prefer a lighter touch or want a gentle massage. Long, rhythmic strokes promote circulation, deep relaxation, and detoxify.

30 min.$40 60 min.$65 75 min.$85 90 min.$105


goal is conditioning to perform better and prevent injuries. It keeps muscles pliable and frees-up trigger points and scar tissue so athletes can perform without discomfort. This work restores muscular function and body movement and accelerates recovery from events or injury.

60 min.$65 75 min.$85 90 min.$105


uses slow, firm compressions and strokes applied parallel to muscle fibers in specific body areas without oil. The work affects the deep structures of the musculoskeletal system, the skin, and superficial fascia and muscles. Deep tissue releases soft tissue tension and pain from chronic tension, stress, overexertion, injuries and illnesses — a form of myofascial release.

30 min.$40 60 min.$65 75 min.$85 90 min.$105


addresses pain and dysfunction in the body’s soft tissues. It alleviates pain from trigger points, postural distortion, ischemic “constricted” tissue, lesions (“tears”), and nerve compression. This therapy “breaks” the pain cycle to restore balanced function in the body.

30 min.$40 60 min.$65 75 min.$85 90 min.$105


is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Based on meridian theory and acupressure points, it promotes the circulation of vital energy (Qi) and blood, regulates the function of the meridians and disorders of internal organs to improve vitality and restore balance and harmony. More information on Tuina Massage

30 min.$40 60 min.$65 75 min.$85 90 min.$105


is a relaxing and energizing experience combining rhythmic compressions, gentle rocking, and yoga-like stretches to harmonize the flow of body energy and improve function. Your body is gently pulled, pushed, stretched and kneaded—leaving you centered and re-energized. Loose fitting/stretchy clothing is required.

90 min.$120 120 min.$160


is a light, relaxing and detoxifying massage to promote a healthy immune system. It is effective in recovery from surgery and accidents, reducing chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia symptoms, relieving pain and inflammation, and promoting deep relaxation to aid insomnia, depression, and stress.

60 min.$70 75 min.$90 90 min.$110


provides a safe, comforting experience for a healthy, less stressful pregnancy. This work improves circulation and reduces the aches and pain unique to pregnancy. Prenatal massage offers a more comfortable delivery and quicker postnatal recovery.

60 min.$65 75 min.$85 90 min.$105


A full body scrub that begins with dry brush exfoliation and finishes with your choice of lavender tangerine salt or vanilla almond sugar scrub—leaving your body remarkably smooth.

40 min.$60

NOTE: Hot towels are used in several of my massages to soothe and relax.
* Aromatherapy included

Savings Incentives and More

Savings Incentives

  • Discount packages: Buy any combination of 4-6 sessions for a 10% discount. Get a 15% discount for more than six sessions. (All sessions must be paid in advance. Sorry, not available on home visits. Packages are not refundable, but can be used for family or friends if you cannot redeem remaining sessions.)
  • First time clients: receive 10% discount on next visit.
  • Birthday discounts: 10% off discount for all sessions during your birth month for regular clients. (Not applicable in combination with package discounts.)
  • Senior discounts: 65 or older - 10% discount for any modality.
  • Student discounts: 8 – 17 yrs: 5% discount for any modality. (Parent or guardian must be present during session. Parent or guardian consent form required prior to session.)

Seated chair massage

Available for office or events. This may require 5 –10 days advance scheduling. Fee is negotiated when scheduled; but fee is typically $65 per hour. A travel fee may apply.


In appreciation for clients that send friends, family, and co-workers to Touch & Healing ®, I offer a free 60 minute session for every three referrals, which you may give to a friend or family member.

Gift Certificates Available

These make ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday gifts, thank you presents, and employee incentives. They are available in any amount and may include gratuity if desired. These must be used within one year. No refunds allowed. Certificate must be presented for redemption. Lost certificates are not refundable or replaceable.